Shellton Tremble | UNITED STATES

I am known as Purest of Form. I am Champion, Triumphant, mission is to bring creativity and beauty to the world. My heart is a cauldron of fire, my veins race as lighting, my mind is bustling with energy. Passion, Power, and Perpetuity!..

Masquerade FAcrylic on Illustration Board44X64 cm$300

The Eyes of Yen by Shellton Tremble, Pastel on Pressed Board
The Eyes of Yen
Pastel on Pressed Board
44X64 cm
Theatric Swirl by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
Theatric Swirl
Acrylic on Canvas
762X101 cm
Music Reigns by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
Music Reigns
Acrylic on Canvas
30X30 cm
Model of Mystique 4 by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic & Sand on Canvas
Model of Mystique 4
Acrylic & Sand on Canvas
24X36 cm