I am an abstract expressionist oil painter. I live in Albert City, Iowa with my husband and son. I am into transcendental meditation, painting, reading, and living. I am a Taoist and a philosopher. I studied briefly under Hugh Lifson, Prof. Emeritus ..

Namaste by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Namasteoil on canvas61X122 cm $600
The Lake by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
The Lakeoil on canvas122X91 cm Sold
Last Set by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Last Setoil on canvas91X122 cm Sold
Sugar Pill by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Sugar Pilloil on canvas76X102 cm Sold
Breathe Dead Hippo by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Breathe Dead Hippooil on canvas76X102 cm Not for sell
Never Trust A Prankster by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Never Trust A Pranksteroil on canvas76X61 cm $400
Wavy Gravy by Abby Jones, oil, aged paper, stained glass, and glitter on canvas
Wavy Gravyoil, aged paper, stained glass, and glitter on canvas61X76 cm Sold
Kill Geppetto by Abby Jones, oil on canvas
Kill Geppettooil on canvas91X122 cm Sold
Ice Is Cold by Abby Jones, oil and a marble on canvas
Ice Is Coldoil and a marble on canvas122X61 cm Not for sell
Tympanic by Abby Jones, oil, mirror, copper paint, nail polish on canvas
Tympanicoil, mirror, copper paint, nail polish on canvas61X122 cm Sold


Current Project: Abstract Primitive Expressionism

As the elemental dimension of symbolic culture progresses, so does, by equal steps, alienation from the natural. Symbols are essential for the development and maintenance of social order. From symbols come language... from language comes number...from number comes time and order and systematic control. That is the reason why I stay away from symbols. I paint from a transcendental view that is devoid of time and cultural significance and paint as a part of nature as opposed to separate from it. In my work, everyone, regardless of race/sex/religion can find a respite from our everyday modern/industrialized/technologically advanced society.

There is a desire in modern culture to return to a more primitive and simple way of life. I seek to examine this desire in all its facets through my artworks. By avoiding symbol I am able to focus on the basic elements that make up the structure and form of nature such as line, shape, color, and texture. I dissect the elements of structure and seek the energy that is within all things. In this way, by viewing a piece of art, one can feel the beauty of nature that resides in its simplicity.


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