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Alessandro Andreuccetti was born in San Gimignano July 28, 1955, he studied art and architecture in Florence and graduated in 1975. Since 1978 he starts to paint mainly in watermedia and watercolours and exhibited regularly his works in exhibitions i..

Pale shade of winter by Alessandro Andreuccetti, Acrylic on wood
Pale shade of winterAcrylic on wood75X75 cm $1200
Fog in the forest by Alessandro Andreuccetti, watercolor on paper
Fog in the forestwatercolor on paper76X56 cm $800
Waiting for spring by Alessandro Andreuccetti, Watercolors on paper
Waiting for springWatercolors on paper56X76 cm $800
Under tuscany sky by Alessandro Andreuccetti, Watercolors on paper
Under tuscany skyWatercolors on paper56X76 cm $800


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