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rituals art works || painting || a serie of personal painting style and technique .. based on orientalism and middle east historical signs ,symbols, repersenting dream and ritualistic sences art works period [ 2001 -- 2009 ]..

ritual 1001 nights by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual 1001 nightsacrylic on canvas110X110 cm $1200
ritual calligraph by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual calligraphacrylic on canvas180X135 cm $2100
ritual calligraph 02 by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual calligraph 02acrylic on canvas91X70 cm $850
ritual typofigures by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual typofiguresacrylic on canvas13X18 cm
ritual typo figuress by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual typo figuressacrylic on canvas13X18 cm
ritual 2001 by Amir Salame, acrylic on canvas
ritual 2001acrylic on canvas50X50 cm
DESTINY by Amir Salame, OIL on CANVAS
DESTINYOIL on CANVAS35X53 cm $1500
ALLAH by Amir Salame, mixed media on paper
ALLAHmixed media on paper35X35 cm
RITUAL by Amir Salame, Acrylic on Canvas
RITUALAcrylic on Canvas91X71 cm
Ritual 002 by Amir Salame, acrylic on canavas
Ritual 002acrylic on canavas35X35 cm
ritual by Amir Salame, Acrylic) on Canvas
ritualAcrylic) on Canvas50X70 cm $750
1001 nights 002 by Amir Salame, acrylic on Canvas
1001 nights 002acrylic on Canvas90X70 cm


A M I R S A L A M E ________________________________________ PERSONAL

Nationality: Lebanese Date of birth: FEB 25, 1971 Place of birth: Yanta - Bekaa -Lebanon Address: Yanta- Rachaya- Bekaa- Lebanon Phone: + 961 8 52 54 52 | + 961 8 561 196 Mobile: + 961 3 915 807 E-mail:


2001-2003- (MDes) Multi Media Stream | Web media and Visual Communication Design. (UofA) University of Alberta. Edmonton,Alberta,Canada 1997-2001 -(BFA) (LU) Lebanese University | Faculty of Fine Arts | Fourth Branch, 1998-1999- Rainbow Art Center. Specialization in Watercolors. Bakleen ,Lebanon 1994-1996 -Hamawi Art Center | Beirut, Lebanon.(Specialization in Artistic Drawing and Painting). 1991- Course Adham Ismael Art Center, Damascus, Syria


Member of Lebanese Association of Artists Painters and Sculptures. Reg #: 0193/ 2001. Member of International Association of Arts - I.A.A Unesco. France. Reg #: 37/2001 C5/9/2001. Member of the Association of graduates, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, Canada. 2003. ________________________________________ E X H I B I T I O N S


1990 - Rachaya Al Wadi, Bekaa, 1995 - French Cultural Center - Zahle . 1996 - Nagham El Lown (Color Melody)-Dar El Hanan - Bekaa - 1996 - Juduna Palace -Bait Meri - 2001 - Rituals - Graffiti Art Gallery -


1993 - Aruba Forum-Keroun – West Bekaa - Lebaon 1993 - First Autumn Exhibition-Plastic Arts Salon - Rashaya - Lebanon 1994 & 1997 - Arts and Creation Expo – Rashaya - Lebanon 1995- Arts Exhibition - Dawra – Beirut 1995 &1996- Dohour El Shwair Festivals - Mount Lebanon 1995, 1997 & 1999- Departure Expo Plastic Arts- Dar El Nadwa - Beirut. 1996 -Culture and Art Exhibition |Kaber Chmoun. Lebanon 1996.-First Plastic Art Expo - Beirut Book Expo - Beirut 1996 -Hmawi Art Center - Mansoureh- Mount Lebanon . 1997 -Lebanese Association of Artists - Dar El Fonoun Art Gallery 1996- El Harreri Establishment – Bar Elias 1997 -Bekaa Expo-Dar El Fonoun Art Gallery 1997 &1998-Plastic Arts Exhibition 1st and 2nd - Jebjaneen 1998 &1999-Zahle Festivals - Fayrouz Chamoun Art Gallery - Zahle 1997-.Lebanese Art Exhibition -World of Arts - Art Gallery - Bahrain 1998. - (LU) Lebanese University-Fine Art Exhibition Beit Eldeen Palace 1999-.Convention of Public Cultural - Niha Temples - Bekaa 1999-.Old Market Exhibition - Rachaya El Wadi 2000 -Small Panel Exhibition - Graffiti Art Gallery /Chtaurama 2000- Defense Exhibition ,(LU) Faculty of Fine Art,National Library ,Baakleen 2000.Lebanese University Exhibition, Faculty Of Arts. Damascus University,Faculty For Arts / Unesco Palace 2001-Association Of Arts In Lebanon ,Al Hareri Establishment.Ministry Of Tourism-Beirut - .2001- Lebanese Association Of Artists Painters And Sculptures, Kana Museum 2001-First Meeting for Plastic Arts / Obye /Mont Liban- 2001-.Dair El Kamar Festivals - Dair El Kamar 2001.-Symposium At Ras El Maten For Painting And Sculpturing . 2001-Plastic Arts Exposition/Al Harriri Graduation Assocation/Unesco Palace- Beirt 2001.-Zahle Tourist Festivals / Fayrouz Chamoun Art Gallery /Zahle City .2001-Biennial of Arabic Universities of Fine Arts. United Arabic Emirates. (U.A.E) 2002.-"Europe Art Expo 2002". Geneva. Switzerland. Noah’s Ark Art Gallery 2003-Noah’s Ark, Ark Gallery- Beirut 2003- Ehden International Art Symposium 2004 -Graffiti Art Gallery – Chtourama 2004- Independence Day -Zahle grand palace, Zahle 2005 -Via Verde "Colors and Flowers" Zahle 2005.-"Lions Garden Expo".. Zahle , 2005 -"Color Festive". Noah’s Ark Art Gallery. 2005-"West Bekaa Country Club" Art Symposium 2006-"West Bekaa Country Club" Art Symposium 2007- 50th anniversary . LAAPS . Lebanese Association of Artists Painters and Sculptors.Unesco Palace .Beirut. 2008- Lebanese Abstract Art . LAAPS . Lebanese Association of Artists Painters and Sculptors. Artist Home, Verdan , Beirut. 2008- LAAPS . Lebanese Association of Artists Painters and Sculptors. Verdan , Beirut. GEBRAN KHALIL GEBRAN COMMITTEE. 125th anniversary of Gebran expo, GEBRAN MUSIEM –BSHARY . 2008- Zahle Palace. Independence Exhibition.

DVD production editing and music by .Dr.Jamal A- Hosn Imaging and painting by: Amir Salame. 2005 - 2006


1999. Medal Zahle Festivals, Fayrouz Chamoun Art Gallery 2001 Prize and Certificate first meeting of Plastic Arts. Lebanese University- Obay, Mount Lebanon. 2001.Prize of Yanta Club 2001.Prize, Medal, and Certificate Symposium Ras El Maten - Paint & Sculpture 2003 Ehden International Art Symposium.LAAPS. Ehden Municipality 2001 Prize, Certificate, And Medal Of Special Works, Biennial Of Arabic Universities Of Fine Arts. United Arabic Emarets. 2004 Medal and prize (Bekaa Governor) Independence Day the Provincial Palace. Zahle 2005 "West Bekaa Country Club" Art Symposium, Medal -2006-"West Bekaa Country Club" Art Symposium , Medal 2008- Zahle Palace. Independence Exhibition. Medal


1991 – 1996 Lebanon El Gad Institute Of Technology. 1996-1998 "Toros Roslin" Academy of Fine Art , Anjar 2003 – 2008“LIU" - Lebanese International University. School of Arts and Sciences. Instructor & Program Coordinator .Department of Fine Arts and Design. Bekaa Campus.


2003 -2008 –LIU. Lebanese International University –Bekaa Campus. Ads, Advertising, & Boards. 2003 – 2008 – ALGAD ALAFFTHAL INSTITUTIONS Logos. 2006/07/08-CD covers and packaging Jamal A- Hosn,Seragraphy . animations and graphics 2007 -2008 Graphics and Animation for multimedia concerts .Lebanon and Qatar, Dr.Jamal a- Hosn 2006-Curtiba .production full projects from briefing to final soft and print products. 2006-Photo studios AL_SAYED STUDIO– Hard And Soft Products SAMER STUDIO– Hard And Soft Products 2007-08 STARSOFT – Product, Icons and Buttons Full System – Softcopy Production 2007- 3rd avenue deisgn company. Full system. Riad . KSA Saudi Arabia 2003 – 2008- Several Book and Magazine Covers, Logos Stationary, Ads, Sign Designs, Brochures, Catalogues, Posters.


1995 1997 (Al Nokta)The Point Art Magazine, Beirut, Lebanon 1995- 1997 Al Erada (The Will) Magazine, Bekaa. Lebanon 1996 The Editor News .Beirut, Lebanon


Lebanon, United Arabic Emirates (U.A.E), Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, France, Egypt.


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