My art is both an intuitive and intellectual exercise. A constant in my work is my comfort with embracing both the incidental and accidental. For me, imperfections represent something primal and sacred and so I prefer to stay at least once-removed ..



Dan Boos Visual Artist b. 1954, Ohio, USA Grandfather; Emil Theodore Boos was an artist and designer Artistic talent was recognized at an early age. Won state and regional awards for his artwork while in . His artwork can be found in galleries and corporate and private collections thoughout North America. Primarily an abstractionist, sometimes an abstract expressionist.secondary school. Graduated from The University of Toledo. Also attended Ringling School of Art, The Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and the Center for Visual Arts. Studied pottery with Paul Soldner and Edith Franklin. Friend of painter, H. Pete Beckman. Inspirations include: Hans Hofmann, Henry Moore, Clyde Davis, and Robert Motherwell Art critic, educator and speaker at major cultural events. Cost of paintings and sculptures range from $1000. TO $12,000 dollars (USD). Studio is located in Perrysburg, Ohio.


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Upcoming artist from UNITED STATES

Scheduled for a July show at the River house Art Gallery in Perrysburg, Ohio. USA

September-Works to be shown in Kenya, Afica as part of a UN sponsored event.