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Gabriel Regueira Painter | Sculptor | Graphic Designer and Actor..

Alebrije Angel by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Canson Paper
Alebrije AngelPastels on Canson Paper50X715 cm Not for sell
De la Mancha by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Canson Paper
De la ManchaPastels on Canson PaperNot for sell
Maria by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Canson Paper
MariaPastels on Canson Paper70X70 cm Not for sell
Son by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Canson Paper
SonPastels on Canson PaperNot for sell
David by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on
DavidNot for sell
Innocence by Gabriel Regueira, Colour Pencil on Canson Paper
InnocenceColour Pencil on Canson PaperNot for sell
Abrazame by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Paper
AbrazamePastels on Paper215X32 cm
Ella by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Paper
EllaPastels on Paper215X32 cm Not for sell
Por Siempre by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Paper
Por SiemprePastels on Paper215X32 cm
Sola by Gabriel Regueira, Pastels on Paper
SolaPastels on Paper215X32 cm


Gabriel Regueira started out in Mexico as a painter since he was 4 years old. With the time Gabriel gets into different artistic environments, which gave him the opportunity to try his multiple artistic skills.

During the high school participated in his first play, performing the roll as "Don Juan De Marco", which made a change in his perspective of the theater.

Worked as an Illustrator, cartoonist and editor shortly before graduating from the Olmeca University's with a B.A.A. in Graphic Arts Studies in 1998.

He learned how to develop visual concepts mixing all his art influences and achieved very important experiences from his professional colleagues.

His development as an artist includes several theater plays, TV shows, short films, commercials, video-clips, paints collections, scripts, concerts and many, many more...


*** Honored with the GSTI Informations Technologies 2006 Award, for best productivity and performance with the client. ***

Over 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, with a varied background, who can provide creative solutions which will achieve your goals and fit your budget and deadlines.

Experienced web page and print designer.

In-depth knowledge of audio and video production, and photograph.

Knowledge of Aplications

Adobe Macromedia (Photoshop, Illustrator, indesign, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, DvD Encore, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks), Quark X-press, Page Maker, Freehand, 3D Studio Max, Swish Max. Corel Draw, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Power Point & Word X.


Windows Macintosh

Design Accomplishments

• Redesigned & Created intranet applications and reorganized the corporate identity for PEMEX IT (Mexican Oils, Information Technologies Department) South Region.

• Designed the Cover Book and Webpage for Grammar TO GO, written by Mike Tiittanen, and edited by Darryl Press.

• Overhauled and redesigned Pluma Mountain Coffee, SparkClean, Qualia Audio & Video, and BlueTown Productions websites, with a new user-friendly interface that is to set the tone of all future marketing materials.

• Elaborated over 50 public sector executive presentations and exhibits.

• Produced several productions for TV and Radio.

• The development from start to finish of 6 websites including ongoing maintenance.

• The design of several political props such as banners, T-shirts, press-kit materials, Macromedia Flash performances and displays


2007-present Bluetown Productions also freelancer Graphic Designer, mostly for Editorial Design, Web, Corporate Identity & Creative new concepts.

2005 -2006 GSTI (Information Technologies Services Group), Multimedia & Graphic Design. Department.

2002-2005 PEMEX Planning & Evaluation, Diffusion & Communications Department.

2001-2002 COMERLAT GROUP (Latin American Comercialization Group), Graphic Design Services Department.

2000-2001 D&A Associates Publicity, Advertising, Publicity and Marketing Department.

1999-2000 TVT (Tabasco Television), Graphic Design & Post-production Department

1999 El Sureste Journal, Graphic Design & Illustration Seccion


1993-98 BA, Olmeca University (Tabasco, Mexico)

Various professional and technical classes related to Editorial Design, Photo Art, Illustration, Audio and Video post-produccion, also how to provide, support to executive performances


SEPTEMBER 2008 Paranoia (Shortfilm) First A.D., Graphic Designer & Editor Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

MARCH 2008 Can you see Us? (Tv Commercial) actor Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

NOVEMBER 2007 Between Us (Short-Film) actor & writer Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2006 Love Kills U (Short-Film) actor & writer Tabasco, Mexico.

DECEMBER 2000 - SEPTEMBER 2006 Sens (Musical Pop Group) singer & composer Mexico.

MAY 1999 - NOVEMBER 2000 Nouveau (Musical Pop Group) Singer Mexico.

JUNE 2003 Grease / Second Season (Theater Play) actor, dancer & singer Tabasco, Mexico.

JUNE 2003 ME DIO, MEDIO, MIEDO / Second Season (Theater Play) actor & co-writer Tabasco, Mexico.

AUGUST 2003 The Black Cat / Second Season (Theater Play) actor, director & producer Tabasco, Mexico.

APRIL 1999 Ship without Fisher (Theater Play) actor Tabasco, Mexico.

AUGUST 1998 Intermodel Mexico V '98 (International Contest) actor & tv hoster (2nd & 3rd Positions) Mexico D.F., Mexico.

AUGUST 1998 Intermodel Tabasco I '98 (Local Contest) actor & tv hoster (1st Position) Tabasco, Mexico.

JUNE 1998 Theater WorkShop UJAT actor Tabasco, Mexico.

FEBRUARY 1998 - MARCH 1998 LA CALABAZA PLUCH (TV Show) comic actor & co-producer Tabasco, Mexico.

AUGUST 1997 - DECEMBER 1997 Proyeccion Total (TV Show) broadcast reporter Tabasco, Mexico.

MAY 1997 - JUNE 1997 The Swan's Lake (Theater Play) actor Tabasco, Mexico.

DECEMBER 1996 The Nut Cracker (Theater Play) actor Tabasco, Mexico.

NOVEMBER 1996 ME DIO, MEDIO, MIEDO / First Season (Theater Play) actor & co-writer Tabasco, Mexico.

JUNE 1996 Grease / First Season (Theater Play) actor, dancer & singer Tabasco, Mexico.

JUNE 1996 1 Heart , 2 Kids (Theater Play) actor, director & producer Tabasco, Mexico.

FEBRUARY 1996 The Black Cat / First Season (Theater Play) actor, director & producer Tabasco, Mexico.

DECEMBER 1995 Full House (Home Video) actor Tabasco, Mexico.

NOVEMBER 1995 EVIDENT ASSASSIN (Theater Play) actor, writer, director & producer Tabasco, Mexico. Gabriel Regueira


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