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Vce walk by Inge Dehenin, photo on
Vce walk76X50 cm
H and H by Inge Dehenin, photo on
H and H76X50 cm
three wise men by Inge Dehenin, photo on
three wise men76X50 cm
coffee by Inge Dehenin, photo on
coffee50X50 cm
far too close by Inge Dehenin, photo on
far too close76X100 cm
St Francis 13 by Inge Dehenin, photo on
St Francis 1376X50 cm
St Francis by Inge Dehenin, photo on
St Francis76X100 cm
Friday on Pico by Inge Dehenin, photo on
Friday on Pico76X50 cm
Pico nights by Inge Dehenin, photo on
Pico nights76X50 cm
Sunset 5AM by Inge Dehenin, photo on
Sunset 5AM76X50 cm
2nd life by Inge Dehenin, photo on
2nd life76X50 cm
Pals NY by Inge Dehenin, photo on
Pals NY100X100 cm


Arko was born in Belgium on May 12,1975. Her days are filled with photography, drawing, painting and writing poetry. With a family background of fine-art painters and photographers, she never had to look far to find something new to explore. She enjoyed many hours in the darkroom with her grandfather and spent most of her young life watching dad make one of his oils, ceramics or ink engravings. After training as an animation artist at the 'RITS Hogeschool' in Brussels, she stashed her pencils and traveled the world for several years, working for British Airways and Sabena. Confronted with some life-changing events and living through a full year in hospital, brought her back to basics: "Only then did I discover the immense beauty of poetry," she says, "thanks to one artist whose work was a great inspiration through that rough year. As his poems and paintings sometimes literally carried me through the days, they rekindled in me something that had been dormant for a very long time: a deep connection with myself and the millions of little things that so often go unnoticed every day." She decided to pick up her camera again, leave the commercial world behind and never looked back.


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Inaugural Exhibit at ART NOW Gallery NYC Feb 19-Mar 18