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Isaac Opoku Badu I create to portray and exhibit the artistic quality in me. As an artist , many times i create what i feel , think and see within and around the environment. I love colour texture and shape. I also love coming out with new ideas , th..

Drummer by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
Drummeracrylic on canvas40X50 cm $400
market women by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
market womenacrylic on canvas40X50 cm $400
mother and child by Isaacopoku Badu, oil on canvas
mother and childoil on canvas40X50 cm $400
joy by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
joyacrylic on canvas30X60 cm $300
busy day by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
busy dayacrylic on canvas40X50 cm $450
xylophone player by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
xylophone playeracrylic on canvas40X60 cm $500
beach market by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
beach marketacrylic on canvas40X50 cm $450
3 musicians by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
3 musiciansacrylic on canvas40X60 cm $500
fishing village by Isaacopoku Badu, acrylic on canvas
fishing villageacrylic on canvas40X50 cm $450


Isaac Opoku Badu was born in 29th October , 1980. He started drawing and painting at a very tender age through his parents who regarded art very highly . He was educated at the A.M.E. Zion primary and junior high school , Kumasi .He also studied at the college of art and industry , Kumasi and specializing in painting , while he was in school , he won several prizes in painting competitions . He paints mainly in oils and acrylic on canvas . Paintings are usually characterized by rich colours , textures , lines and planes which tend to suggest movement in the images in the pictures . His styles creates certain impressions in the mind of the observer . The themes of Isaac's works are often to do with people and places , such as interaction between people in a group , townscapes , market scenes and dwellings . However , he mainly interested in people , especially female figures . He says , what excites me about women are their courrageous attitude , the way they care for their children , their facial expression and the movement of their bodies and hand when they are talking is very pleasing to him . His scences also portrays the social , political and economic life of the people . Isaac's is a nationally recognised artist who creates exceptional likeness . His works are treasured by many and can also be found in some of the galleries in Ghana . He has sold many paintings private and exhibitions , within and outside Ghana .


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