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Beauty is Eternity by Jesno Jackson, Oil on Canvas
Beauty is EternityOil on Canvas30X40 cm $300
a village girl by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas
a village girloil on canvas35X45 cm Sold
Violinist by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas
Violinistoil on canvas35X50 cm $349
two humans by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas
two humansoil on canvas30X40 cm $160
red and yellow flowers by Jesno Jackson, acrylic on canvas
red and yellow flowersacrylic on canvas40X50 cm Sold
red flowers by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas
red flowersoil on canvas75X60 cm Sold
ganapathi by Jesno Jackson, poster on paper
ganapathiposter on paper30X42 cm Sold
little stars-2 horses by Jesno Jackson, poster on paper
little stars-2 horsesposter on paper35X55 cm $200
three dancers by Jesno Jackson, poster on paper
three dancersposter on paper30X42 cm $200
white flowers by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas
white flowersoil on canvas42X52 cm $300
flower vase by Jesno Jackson, oil on canvas sheet,framed
flower vaseoil on canvas sheet,framed40X50 cm Sold


Name:Jesno Jackson

Date of birth: 05-06-1983

Age- 29yrs

Staying in Dubai

I have learned painting in the year 2000..professionally i am an IT professional..also into my art works..most of my pantings are imaginative,creative,nd some are from seeing ....naw i am deeper into paintings...its my life ... I am Jesno Jackson,Born in India.Studied with the leading professionals in art.Participated in many Art shows.My influences are first and foremost, what I feel and experience.

Shades of colors and lines.I have always enjoyed art from an early age.This love of Art has stayed with me and developed and grown.Making art,for me,is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds,and a balancing act.I am interested in exploring my natural abilities within my innermost thoughts and emotions.

My art is an evolving process,I take and represent only elements which are the essence of the object or of the imaginary being.I rely on my desires for beauty, poetics and seduction. Whether they are memories of pain,anxiety,hopes or achievements.watever comes in mind like a poetry,is my images are real,which makes them easy for the viewer to relate to.

There are no fantasies,vivid colours or magical instances in my compositions.just the simple truth and reality of an experience.sometimes my own,sometimes someone else.

my paintings are mine.


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Upcoming artist from INDIA


2006 : Streasand Group Show in bangalore.

2004 : Aid of Orissa Cyclone Relief Fund- Taj Group of Hotels, Chennai

2003 : India Independence Golden Jubilee Show.

2000 : All India Fine Arts