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Artist Statement: My work is of expressionist type. This works is between abstraction and figurative work. I have 15 years of experience in painting and have showed expositions in galleries, hotels, artistic associations in my country,..

Both by Juanrodrigo Piedrahitaescobar, oil on canvas on
Both100X60 cm $800
both by Juanrodrigo Piedrahitaescobar, oil on canvas
bothoil on canvas100X70 cm $900
house by Juanrodrigo Piedrahitaescobar, oil on canvas
houseoil on canvas100X72 cm $1000


JUAN RODRIGO PIEDRAHITA ESCOBAR Cl. 62 # 49 - 35 MEDELLIN / COLOMBIA / SOUTH AMERICA PHONE # (57) 4 2910980 Movil = 3014270728 E-MAIL: piedrahitaescobar@gmail.com

http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/j/juanrodrigopiedrahi/ http://shop.cyberday.de/juan_piedrahita/ http://toysrodrigopiedrahita.blogspot.com/ http://exposicionrodrigopiedrahitacofradi.blogspot.com/

BORN Medell� Colombia, 1960.

RESIDENCE Medell� Colombia

ONE PERSON EXHIBITIONS Union Club 1986 Freeway Gallery Art 1999 Abstract - Palace of The culture 2003 Brother Bar Gallery 2007


Book Illustration and Cartoons 1986 Room Young Art XVIII 1987 Room Young Art XIX 1988 Room Commerce Chamber X 1995 Art Public Sale Rodeo Club 1996 Castle Museum 1996 Four Point Sheraton Hotel 1996 Handicraft Commerce association 1998 Commerce Chambers 1999 Commerce Chamber 2000 Commerce Chamber 2001 Literary Coffee 2002 Magazine Planet 2003 Commerce Chamber 2003 Commerce Chamber 2004 Commerce Chamber 2005

Publications Vm - Magazine 2004 Pennsylvania- USA

PERMANENT COLLECTIONS Freeway Gallery / Medell�- Colombia South America Phone= 574-3116010 Director: Mr. Hildebrando Mejia

EDUCATION Architect 1985 Studies engraving arts in the etching 1991 Studies Oil painting 1992 Pontificia Bolivariana University Studies of Advance Painting 1997 National University of Colombia


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