Leonid Afremov | UNITED STATES

I am an artists, based in Boca Raton, Florida USA. My goal is to create art that is available to all people! This means that my works are available to a great variety of customers at convenient prices all around the world. I have been painting for ..

Misty Alley by Leonid Afremov, painting on canvas
Misty Alleypainting on canvas100X75 cm $1750
Gold Clouds by Leonid Afremov, painting on canvas
Gold Cloudspainting on canvas100X100 cm $1890


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Upcoming artist from UNITED STATES

Dear Friends!
I am happy to announce that on Friday, June 6 at 2pm EST we will have our first live TV show “ArtArea” at my website's front page. Our reporter Derek Bryan will be presenting you the full coverage on the featured artist of the week. You will be able to call us, ask questions and chat live with Derek Bryan.
This is a new project and our goal is to bring people together and unite them under the name of Art. Right now we are open to any comments, suggestions, and applications to be featured on our TV as well!

Best Regards,

Leonid Afremov