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She was born in 1956, in Izmir In 1978-1979 she was graduated from Buca Education Institute Art Department. In 1987, she completed her bachelor s degree at Dokuz Eylul university Buca Education Faculty Art Department. In 1995, she had art studies a..

mehlika 2008 by Mehlika Korol, acrilic on canvas
mehlika 2008acrilic on canvas40X40 cm
mehlika2007 by Mehlika Korol, acrýlýc on canvas
mehlika2007acrýlýc on canvas110X130 cm


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1991 Izmir Esbank Art Gallery Personel Exhibition

24th Dec. 1994-15th Jan 1995 Izmir Turkuaz Gallery Personel Exhibition

12th-29th Dec.1995 Izmir Is Bankası Personel Exhibition

6th-27th Jun.1997 Yasarbank Izmir Personel Exhibition

16th Sep.-1st Oct.1997 Hikmet Gurcay Art Gallery-Selcuk Personel Exhibition

16th Apr.-11th May 1998 M.E.T.U Mustafa Parlar Foundation Art Gallery-Ankara

And many other mixed exhibitions...

. Also as a member of International Plastic Artists Association, she has attended so many exhibitions which were mixed and including competitions. She has many of her art works at local and internaional collections.

With new term studies she is like to be discovering moving like water, changing with the wind and never ending ways of life.

And that’s what playing at the edge of shapelessness can be defined.

Besides being herself, she is working with the zeal of starting a new adventure or a moment at the deepness of which she can find the real reflection of herself with the spirit of being a part of the big universe and points or marks of relations that form both the abstract truths and the visible differences’ invisible mutual spreadings.

1989 6th Yunus Emre Art Competition

1989 23rd DYO Art Competition

1989 Ankara Culture Foundation Art Competition

1990 9th Traditional T.P.A.O Atatürk Art Competition

1991 8th Yunus Emre Art Competition

1991 5th Tekel Traditional Art Competition

1991 10th T.P.A.O Success Prize

1992 D.M.O Art Competition

1992 9th Esbank Art Competition Success Prize

1992 3rd Çukurova Adana Art Competition

1992 53rd Government Art Exhibition Competition

1993 10th Esbank Yunus Emre Competition

1993 7th Tekel Traditional Art Competition

1993 54th Government Art Competition

1994 55th Government Art Competition

1998 3rd Navy “Sea” Competition

1999 11th Tekel Traditional Art Competition

2004 16th Tekel Traditional Art Competition

2006 9th Navy ‘The Sea’ Art Competition

2006 1st Culture and Tourism Administration photograph competition

2006 5th International Triennial of Graphic Art Bitola Macedonia

2008 18 March Canakkale Competition Success Prize

artist live in izmir- turkey