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Nirmala Biluka was born hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, on 5th November, 1980. She studied her Master of visual Arts (painting) from M.S.U., Baroda in 2005 she got JRF under UGC, 2006, University Gold Medal during Under Graduation, Hyderabad art society aw..

red Mumbai by Nirmala Biluka, oil on canvas
red Mumbaioil on canvas152X122 cm $4000
traffic signal by Nirmala Biluka, oil on canvas
traffic signaloil on canvas122X152 cm $4000


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Sobhan Dutta

The cornerstone of Nirmala's art is the restoration of astonishment, as a young artist she has achieved a unique style which brings large promise in today's modern Indian art. From her painting I feel in the presence of the living world, a constant ability to surrender ourselves before its enchantment.
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