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Reminiscent of Something of Him by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
Reminiscent of Something of HimOil on canvas160X125 cm $9000
New Departure by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
New DepartureOil on canvas122X122 cm $1250
Recalling Something From the Past by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
Recalling Something From the PastOil on canvas125X119 cm $2500
Something Fresh by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
Something FreshOil on canvas125X119 cm $2500
Transcending (Lies...Evasion...Deceit...) by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
Transcending (Lies...Evasion...Deceit...)Oil on canvas125X119 cm $2500
Where Does It Lie?... by Paolo Mejia, Oil on canvas
Where Does It Lie?...Oil on canvas125X119 cm $1200


Paolo C. Mejia is an experimenting artist who loves to paint and draw, make three-dimensional works, and create installations. He explores the realms of 2D and 3D art because it gives him a different feel and perspective in seeing things visually and conceptually. Two-dimensional works allow Paolo to see different perspective of things that are ineffable and intangible, and three-dimensional works gives Paolo the opportunity to handle art in tactile ways that goes beyond the two-dimensional form. Incorporating these dimensions enable Paolo to feel and understand the materials, processes, tactility and limitations of art. These are what make him interested about art and what he does.

Paolo is an experimenting painter, designer and sculptor that grew up in Bay Area. He grew up uninformed and un-acculturated about art. At a young age art was not a priority or interest for Paolo. In fact, he was oblivious of its existence, culture and importance. This all changed when he attended college. His interest and passion for art developed and expanded. Paolo's inspiration and passion for art initially was brought out by a great mentor and friend, Barbara Bouchard and in the latter, Dickson Schneider, who continues to fill gaps to complete his love and devotion to and of art. With their encouragements and positive reinforcements Paolo continues to pursue his love for the arts. He decided to pursue art making as his focus because it is life fulfilling and what makes him happy.

Paolo's oeuvre deals with the formality of art and the metaphysical state that deals with gestalt or automatism of the subconscious. He amply applies the formalism of art as he makes arbitrary subconscious choices, or gestalt, in his artistic processes, with a bit of chance. In Paolo's art processes, ideas and inspirations are conceived from the abundance of forms, shapes and patterns from nature and materials. He also uses man made mechanisms and objects as his initial inspirations. Sometimes, innate sensibility is used to make art. All-in-all, these are the inspirational factors in Paolo's art making.

As an experimenting artist, Paolo continues to explore things new, ephemeral and traditional. These are what drive Paolo to make art. Art making has become a big factor in Paolo's life. In retrospect, art has become his life. He has been making art for more than a decade, and showed at different venues locally and regionally. He currently is living in the Bay Area sharing what he loves to make and what he has learned to others.


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Current Show at the Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio

"Grimm's Fairy Tale" by Frost Newton

March 2 - March 30, 2013


San Leandro Public Library
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Guest Artist for March: Mel Vera Cruz -
"Quintessential Adobo"

February 26, 2013 - March 10, 2013


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