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Life began, like that of any mortal, with my birth. However, I started ?living? when I began to feel and register the various nuances associated with the two fundamental parts of human existence ? joy and sorrow. This process was further augmented by..

Blue rider by Sumana Biswas, Acrylic on Canvas
Blue riderAcrylic on CanvasNot for sell
Scintillate by Sumana Biswas,  on
ScintillateNot for sell
Harmony In Red by Sumana Biswas,  on
Harmony In RedNot for sell
Notes On Blue & White by Sumana Biswas,  on
Notes On Blue & WhiteNot for sell
Abstract & Harmony by Sumana Biswas,  on
Abstract & HarmonyNot for sell
Resonance by Sumana Biswas,  on
ResonanceNot for sell
Imaginative Fresco by Sumana Biswas,  on
Imaginative FrescoNot for sell
Hues Of Nature by Sumana Biswas,  on
Hues Of NatureNot for sell
Primaty & Complimentary by Sumana Biswas,  on
Primaty & ComplimentaryNot for sell


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