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Born in Mymensingh, Mymensingh; a District of Bangladesh in division of Dhaka, on December 15, 1984. I had finished my Graduation form Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. 2009 Art can be voice & message for our society, is the most importan..



Born in Mymensingh, Mymensingh; a District of Bangladesh in division of Dhaka, on December 15, 1984. I had finished my Graduation form Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. 2009

My Art & Me:

In each level of evolution past & present are mutual part to future. Even every better change has come by depend on past & present states with lots of analysis & in this universe everything is evolving nothing is complete in any way. All are just in continuous process, here just human can try to make things better or worse. As human we are responsible & that's the reason i dream about peaceful society, earth, where only human can open the door of light to future by his thoughts & activities. Here is our identity. I reckon, art is technical presentation of situation, so it is as vast as universe. Many feelings, matter, things charge me very deeply, these reflects in my life, as well as in art. When Negative matters contact me it flows in each aspects of my life, it hurts, my heart pretends. The reason why sometimes I show those negative segment to make understand & to change of it, Usually it seems that I am skipping beauty part but actually the hope is, beauty is dormant behind the cruelty, or I should say --- Darkness is the essence of all invention from where we create all light. So light is the edge of darkness in unlimited universe.

About me, am a human who lives in this contemporary world with art, has a duty to create the future by using thoughts & imagination, in this sense art is my media of communication. I always try to work on truth fact or which exists beyond this visual reality, may it be able to help the society to grow healthier.

Art can be voice & message for our society, is the most important matter for future world.

Art Camp: *�Banglar Epar Opar� Art camp at Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata, India, Organized by Art Club Bangladesh.

GROUP EXHIBITS: * title- Stretched Canvas held at Art Club Bangladesh Garden Gallery, organized by Art Cart India & Art Club Bangladesh, December 18 to December 31, 2010 http://www.artclubbangladesh.com/ * Indian & Bangladeshi artist�s group show at archanas garden , organized by Art Club Bangladesh, 2010 http://www.artclubbangladesh.com/ *Exhibited at the Fularton Museum Gallery of WAF in California USA. July 2009, http://worldartfoundation.org/Expo_09.html *Exhibited at the World Art Expo in California USA. in the city of Brea. June 2009, http://worldartfoundation.org/Expo_09.html * Raku workshop outcome show, 1 - 7 May at Zainul Gallery, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka, 2009, http://brittoarts.org/local-workshop-2009.html *Water Color Exhibition, Arrange by National Kite federation, Zainul Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University, Bangladesh. 2009. *Friendship Art exhibition, Chobir Hat at Drik Gallery, Bangladesh, 2008. http://nation.ittefaq.com/issues/2008/09/05/news0751.htm

*Five Young Artists Ceramic Art Exhibition, Zainul Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University,Bangladesh.2008.

*Reconstruction Art on RACU, Zainul Gallery, Faculty of fine arts, Dhaka University,Bangladesh,2008. Organized by � Britto Art Organigetion *16th Young Art exhibition, Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy,2008.

*Shilpacharjo Zainul Abedin art Exhibition at Mymensingh art museum Gallery, Bangladesh, 2008.

*Annual Art Exhibition, Faculty of fine art, Dhaka University 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, Bangladesh.

*Berger Young Art Exhibition,2004, 2005, Zainul Art gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

*Ziaur Rahman Art Exhibition, Zainul Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2003.

*Annual art Exhibition, Zainul Abedin Art Museum, Mymensingh, Bangladesh, 1998.

Workshop: *Ceramic Raku & Pit-Fire Workshop by Ramon Camarillo, under the auspices of art in Embassies Program, U.S. Dept. Of State, at Dept. Of ceramics, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. November, 8-11,2009 *Raku Workshop, Dates: 23 Feb to 28 Feb 2009 . Britto Arts Trust in collaboration with Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. Participants are teachers, students of Faculty of Fine Art and free-lance artists based in Dhaka.

* Water Color Workshop, At Faculty of Fine Arts, Zainul Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh,Organized & Supported by-National Kite Federation, Bangladesh. Year 2009

*�IDEA SPRINGBOARD� Workshop on art beyond canvas, At Office of jolrong.com, Organizer-www.jolrong.com,conductor-Moyeenul Alam,Year-2009,

*Conceptual Raku Workshop at Ceramic inaugural Bangladesh, At Faculty of fine arts , Ceramic Department , University of Dhaka, Supervisor- Mahbubur Rahman (artist),Year � 2007,

Residence Program: *RACU Project (Reconstruction), At Britto Art Trust, Hatirpul, Dhaka. and Poraparaspace, Potanga, Chitagong,Organised by- Britto Art Trust, Supported by- FORD FOUNDATION,Year � 2008,

Award: *1st place on send sculpture competition 2009, at Cox's bazar. Organized by National Kite Federation, Bangladesh.

* 'Bhrammaputro' designation gotten for Ceramic Sculpture, at Zainul Abedin Art Exhibition (mymensingh) 2008

*'Birsrestho Mohiuddin Jahangir Memorial Award' on oil Portrait Painting at Ziaur Rahman Exhibition. 2003


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