Tripti Singh | INDIA

In my digital art, I have given the empty space a form which is my feelings and a story to tell. The artwork is celebration of colours, the dance of shapes, rhythm of lines. I really enjoyed making all these artwork. My digital artwork is consisting..

Krishna by Tripti Singh, Digital on Linen canvas
KrishnaDigital on Linen canvas60X60 cm $800
Mother in Law and Bride by Tripti Singh, Digital on Linen canvas
Mother in Law and BrideDigital on Linen canvas60X60 cm Not for sell
Two Women in Sun by Tripti Singh, Digital on Linen Canvas
Two Women in SunDigital on Linen Canvas60X60 cm $1000
Krishna's Horn (Shankha) by Tripti Singh, Digital Art on Silk
Krishna's Horn (Shankha)Digital Art on Silk150X150 cm $2500
Watching Butterfly by Tripti Singh, digital art on silk
Watching Butterflydigital art on silk180X150 cm $2000


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