Veronica Rivera | UNITED STATES

Be the great creator within, be the giver and the lone optimist. With a splash of eccentricity, living strangely creative, for mankind will see its way out, and on we?ll go to a greater way. ..

Explosive Comprehension by Veronica Rivera, Mixed Mediums on Canvas
Explosive ComprehensionMixed Mediums on Canvas36X24 cm Not for sell
Trash Bath by Veronica Rivera, Acrylic on Wood
Trash BathAcrylic on Wood24X24 cm Not for sell
In to the deep by Veronica Rivera, Acrylic and paper on Canvas
In to the deepAcrylic and paper on Canvas16X18 cm Not for sell
E- Painting by Veronica Rivera, Acrylic and Oil Paint on Ply wood
E- PaintingAcrylic and Oil Paint on Ply wood36X36 cm Not for sell
Lady Meditation by Veronica Rivera, Acrylics and Paper rice bags on Board
Lady MeditationAcrylics and Paper rice bags on Board30X36 cm Not for sell


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2008 Global Youths Environmental Mural - Miami, FL

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