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I'm an artist from Lebanon, born in the historical old city of Saida. My works, in this period, depict the traditional live style in Lebanon (the people, architecture, landscapes...), in many medias specially in watercolors...

Missi by Zaher Bizri, watercolors on Paper
Missiwatercolors on Paper31X20 cm $1000
Tobbaco by Zaher Bizri, watercolors on Paper
Tobbacowatercolors on Paper30X15 cm $1000
Hope by Zaher Bizri, Photography on Digital
HopePhotography on Digital$200
Brothers Game by Zaher Bizri, Oil pastel on wood panel
Brothers GameOil pastel on wood panel30X20 cm $300
Demonstration by Zaher Bizri, Oil on Canvas
DemonstrationOil on Canvas165X195 cm $3000
Composition 5 by Zaher Bizri, Pencil on Paper
Composition 5Pencil on Paper21X30 cm $150


Zaher El Bizri, an artist from Lebanon, working on the traditional and social life in Lebanon and the influence of the Lebanese Civil war.... in many materials, oil, pastels, drawings, photography,,, and he distinguished in realistic watercolors where depict the emotional figures and architectural sites in Lebanon.

He graduated fro the Lebanese University (the Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut) in 2000. He participated in many collective exhibitions in and outside Lebanon (42 exhibitions). Now he works on his solo exhibition. for more information about Zaher or to discuss any artistic views please contact the artist.


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